About You

We get it. You want a mattress that delivers - not only delivered correctly to your home, but one (or more) that’s super comfortable and supportive.

We created this page to help you find the best mattress and a great shopping experience.

Starting with frequently asked questions.


To your bedroom or course!

If your bedroom is located in most of the major cities in North Carolina like Charlotte, Raleigh, Greensboro and their surrounding cities and towns within 50 miles.

We also have preferred delivery partners throughout the state.

Once you place an online order, our team will provide a confirmation with delivery details.

Don't lose sleep over it!

If we made an oopsie and there's a defect in your mattress, we're going to make it right.

Contact us and let us know what's happening.

If you made an oopsie, you can read through our warranty to see if it qualifies but unfortunately it may not. We're sorry about that.

Well, we do love some Cheerwine and will never turn that down, but we're happy to provide White Glove Delivery Service at NO ADDITIONAL COST.

Your freshly-made mattress will be delivered flat, never folded or squished in a box.

We also won't leave it on your porch for the neighbor's cat to jump all over it.

The delivery team will contact you directly for scheduling.

Give us a call at (336) 272-8115.

We'll be playing Taylor Swift when we answer.

"It's me, hi, I'm the problem, it's me."

In all seriousness, we always want happy sleepers. Give us a call and allow us an opportunity to see what options are available.

Depending on where your mattress is in the process, you may incur a cancelation fee or restocking fee.

You will receive a delivery confirmation email with our preferred delivery partner's information.

It's quicker if you contact them directly, but you can always call us at (336) 272-8115 if needed.

We're happy to help, but we're just going to call them too.

Sure, MattressGrove sleepers can call us during normal business hours Mon to Fri at (336) 272-8115.

First we just want to make sure we're comparing the same mattresses.

If it's one of our Premium Dealers, we're going to encourage you to buy directly from them. We never want to sell below one of our dealers. It's a relationship kind of thing.

We love selling gift cards!

Makes a great gift for weddings, graduations, and retirements!

Give us a call at (336) 272-8115.

Shop Pay allows you to break up your purchase into payment increments. It's a great way to shop without overburdening your wallet with too much all at once.

It's better than layaway (for the generations that know what that is)!

You buy now (and get it) and pay later.

Oh you're a "feeler."

That's more than okay. We wish we could have you feel our mattresses when buying online.

We have several Premium Dealers (local retailers) that carry exact or similar mattresses for you to touch and lay on.

Please see our Dealer Locator for one near you.

Got a question not listed? Send us a message.