Simply Luxe Artisan Super Pillow Top Mattress



The Artisan Super Pillow Top mattress is our softest, most comfortable mattress available.  It is durable, cooling, and supportive.

Its construction promotes great airflow, coupled with gel-infused foam to keep you cool all night long. The individually encased coils and memory foam help relieve pressure and conform to your body while maintaining durability to keep you comfortable for years to come.

The spring system features the strongest coils available that will not roll, resulting in no motion transfer. Whether you share a bed with pets, children or a partner who tosses all night, you'll sleep easier on our Artisan Super Pillow Top.

Delivered flat the way a great mattress is supposed to be! A MattressGrove Premier White-Glove Delivery Partner will contact you to schedule your mattress delivery within 14 business days of your order. You're about to love sleeping again!    



Here's what makes you snooze better

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Sleep like a royal staying at a fancy hotel. 

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This thing is tough but soft inside like our owners. 

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Infused with cooling gels so you don't get all hot and bothered while you sleep. 

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Whether you like firm or plush, we never judge because its support is there no matter what. 

Now let's get nerdy and learn more about what's in our mattress.

Luxurious knitted cover with a four-way stretch for a smooth and soft touch.  Hand-tufted to ensure the mattress will hold its shape and reduce body impressions to extend the life of your mattress.

This quilt is specially designed for maximum comfort and relaxation. It is made with a layer of silk and wool for comfort, improved air flow, and natural cooling. The quilt offers different comfort zones from head to toe, including a shoulder comfort zone, a middle third support zone, and a comfort zone for your legs and feet.

If you've read this far, we might just need to hire you. You're basically becoming a mattress expert. Now, can you sew?

The comfort layers of this mattress create a plush feel with maximum durability. We begin with a gel-infused memory foam that offers endless conforming and pressure-relieving sleep. A convoluted zoned foam layer, which is head-to-toe three-zoned, maximizes comfort and support while providing great airflow. High-resilient foam is added to provide durability and comfort. A special sewn panel is attached by hand to provide added comfort and durability.

Our foam-encased sleep system is constructed with our strongest individually encased coils. These coils are supported from the bottom by a solid, firm foam layer. This system eliminates disruptive motion transfer, enhances durability, and provides comfort, ensuring you wake up feeling refreshed.

It's the details that further set us apart from our competitors. This bed features a navy tape edge, put together in the final stage of tailoring and construction. The tufts create durability with no artificial loft, to help prevent body impressions. Every mattress features our navy emblem centered at the foot end of the mattress.

Pillow-top mattresses are made with conforming design to provide exceptional comfort, creating a plush and luxurious feel, often described as sleeping on a cloud.

Simply Luxe mattresses are designed to support all weights and shapes of sleepers. All major components are manufactured locally in NC and are of the highest quality available.

Yes, they are intentionally designed for proper back support which helps with back pain. The cushioning materials work in orchestra with the coil system to give the perfect amount of support and spinal alignment.

Forever! That said, any mattresses’ comfort life is very different than the actual life. As our bodies change over the years, we should also change our mattresses to get the proper comfort and support. We recommend purchasing a new mattress 8-10 years. What else can you buy and not spend maintenance on that lasts 8-10 years and will make your life better?